The Roux Bike 100 Series 2018

The idea behind the 100 series is two-fold.

Firstly, a relatively novice rider can achieve their first 100km with our first event, the King Edward 100 in May. The next event is the Flat n Fast 100 in June. This whole course is relatively flat so along with some great support that first 100 is achievable, then alongside training, the next event, a little more hilly, Ross Tiger 100 takes it a step further. Finishing off the season with a 100km on a rolling route with a few hills thrown in at the Trent Valley 100. A novice rider can then head to the 100 mile routes in year two.

Secondly the courses are great for more experienced riders, even in Flat n Fast we managed to squeeze a couple of hills in the middle! That said Flat n Fast promises to deliver that personal best time on a 100 miles! Through the rest of the season we continue to test riders on ever more demanding courses as we put an increasing amount of hills into the routes.

All events follow the same principals, starting in groups of 30 riders every 3 minutes, route decision doesn’t need to be made until the split point of the ride, feed station one at 35 miles approx and a second feed station on the 100 mile at 70 miles. All feed stations designed by nutritionists to make sure you have the right calories for the whole event. Aero bars and TT bikes allowed, we welcome triathletes as well as all cyclists. Plenty of signs, 1 sign per half mile to make navigation fast and easy. All events have ample free parking, showers and changing rooms. We value the inter club, rider mix and aim to keep the events friendly. The motto for the day should be ‘have a conversation with a stranger‘ by the time you finish, you will have a new friend!

Above all we want you to have a great days riding, good company and all at a value for money price.

Full Series: From £60.00
Under 18s: £30.00
Before entering any of our events, please read our
Sportive Rules, Terms & Conditions
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