TRENT VALLEY 100 - 15th October 2017


Gainsborough Academy

Sweyn Lane (off Corringham Road)


DN21 1PB

Please have look at a map, do not follow a sat nav blindly to the Postcode as it will bring you to the back gate of the academy, DN21 1XZ will get you to Corringham Road where the entrance is.


6.30am – Parking Opens – marshals will direct you where to park 

7.00am – Registration Opens
7.55am – Time Trial Riders – Ride Starts
8.00am – 8.45 am 100 Mile Route Riders Start

8.45am – 9.15am 100km Route Riders Start
11.30am – 100 Mile Route Option Closes at 39 Mile Point (Just after feed station) 

4.00pm – Ride Finishes 

The Trent Valley 100 offers two fantastic routes to end the season. The 100 miler circumnavigates Lincoln and takes riders into the Lincolnshire Wolds for some hill climbs before returning to HQ. The 100km route shares the first 35 miles as the 100 mile route and then takes in the sites of Lincoln itself bringing riders through to the finish back at Gainsborough.

The other thing we like to do is feed you well. At registration we give you a large flapjack from ‘Dorset Flapjacks’ (480 cal approx!) and a pack of Haribo. Once you get to the first feed station, there’s a packed lunch, a selection of teas or coffee and plenty of SIS electrolyte. If you’re on the 100 mile route the second feed station has teas and coffee, cake, fruit more Haribo and SIS, so you should be able to stay the distance!

The start HQ has plenty of space, changing and shower facilities and will feature some good local cycling stands for you to browse over as well as refreshments by the Coffee Stop.

Whichever route you choose, the choice doesn’t need to be made until the split point of the ride. We use a timing system with checkpoints so that if you started with intention of doing the 100km and you’re feeling strong, you can still decide to do the 100 miler if you wish and vice versa, we like a relaxed atmosphere for this.

A great last get together of the season with this the toughest of the 100 Series and just prove to yourself how you have improved over the season!

Photos will be available to download free of charge, courtesy of Adie’s Photography, a top local cycling photographer.

The Trent Valley 100 is produced by Sportive HQ in partnership with the Trent Valley Road Club.

Rider Times

Official Rider Times for the Trent Valley 2017 will be available after the event

Free Photo Downloads

Photos of riders at this year’s Trent Valley 100 2017 are available to download after the event.

Photos of riders at this year’s Trent Valley are available to download courtesy of
Adie’s Photograpy at

The 100 Mile Route

A fantastic 100 mile route that begins with 40 miles of rolling country roads before the climbing starts. We then bring you 40 miles of Wolds climbing capturing a whole 3000ft finished off by 20 miles of rolling countryside just to cool down with at the end, if we don’t get a headwind back this year!

There are two feed stations on this route. The first at Coleby, after the Alpinesque climb providing sandwiches, crisps, cake, fruit, tea or coffee and SIS top ups. The second feed station is at Binbrook, right in the middle of the Wolds section of the ride, this feed station will be stocked with cake, bananas, tea or coffee, more Haribo and SIS, so that we keep you fueled to the end!

The 100 KM Route

If you started your first Sportive season with us then this will be the perfect finish for 2016. The first 35 miles of the route is shared with the 100 mile route so there’s a great atmosphere as all riders stay together up to the feed station at Coleby in the rolling countryside. We provide sandwiches, crisps, fruit, cake, tea or coffee and SIS top ups.

The route when it splits takes riders into Lincoln to take in the sights and hills. We manage to find 24 miles of climbs for this route before returning to Gainsborough with a total of 1600ft of climbing over the whole route. We hope you enjoy this one.