At 68 Miles, you reach the Brownlee Centre, home of the Boddington Cycle Track, a 1 mile cycle circuit that’s guaranteed for some fast speeds. There’s half a lap warm up to get your speed up down a slight descent before hitting the time start point, from there you’ve got a mile to put in your best efforts to beat the clock (and everyone else)

The timed lap can be done on an individual basis or as a team of 4. Everyone taking part will be ranked at the end of the day so you will know how you fared overall and by age/gender category, will you be first?

The team lap starts when the first rider in your team crosses the start line and the clock finishes when the third person crosses the finish line, so you can ’sacrifice’ a team member used to lead the rest out should you wish.

Prizes will be awarded for these categories:

Fastest Male, Fastest Female, Fastest Male Team, Fastest Female Team and Fastest Mixed Team
Prizes for the above are:
1st £300
2nd £150
3rd £50

The Circuit

Map Key

Green Line – Warm up section
Red Line – Timed Lap
Blue Line – Track Exit

Timed Lap Rules
When entering the circuit (green section) please stick to the right hand side of the track until you get to the time start point, this will be clearly visible. Once you have started the timed lap, you must stick to the left hand side of the track until your lap is finished, unless overtaking other riders. On completion of the timed lap, move back to the right hand side of the track (blue section) and prepare to exit the track straight away. At any point where you are overtaking other riders it is your responsibility to communicate with them so they are aware by shouting passing on your left or right whichever is appropriate. Headphones of any description are not allowed to be worn on the circuit.

Sprint Finish

The Sprint finish will be from the entrance of the Racecourse and up, yes up, it’s a slight hill, to the finish gantry, the sprint finish is 380m long so make sure you judge it correctly. There will be a prize of £100 for the fastest male and fastest female.