Well, the lockdown continues and so does the training. When all of this started, I made a conscious decision that the out of the home exercise would be for the kids, I need to look after them as a number one priority, so many of you will have seen that my outdoor rides on strava have been with my children – they continue to get stronger and the rivalry to see who can get up the steepest of hills continues (they are worse than us lot)

With my riding confined to when I can squeeze them in between keeping things updated the business running, home schooling to primary aged children, it tends to be after the kids have gone to bed in an evening. I keep pushing myself and sometimes too much. The diabetes has continued to play up in it’s usual way but sometimes I have taken advantage of it. As a newly diagnosed type 1, we can get something called the honeymoon period where your pancreas can start working a little again. This makes things especially difficult to work out, I found myself going hypo a lot sometimes and other times my blood sugar is too high (that makes me really tired and want to sleep all of the time). I have had a period of 4 days this week, where I didn’t need to inject insulin at all, which was great for training, I could push myself really hard without the risk of hypo. Then it hit again, really high blood sugars, an early night and back on to the injections next morning. It’s a fickle old condition.

The one thing I will keep saying though is that whatever life throws at you, keep fighting, keep riding, stay strong and where you can make a difference to those around you!


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