It’s not great news I’m afraid, regrettably we are having to cancel the rest of this years’ road cycling events.

Back in early July when we decided to proceed with events from the beginning of August the pandemic situation was starting to look a lot better and with both British Triathlon, CTC and Run Britain supporting the return of events using a time trial format of staggered starts, we felt it was more than possible to bring sportives back.

As we moved into late July and the beginning of August, the situation started to change for the worse and local lockdowns and areas that are being closely watched started to increase. The local lockdowns are occurring and things change overnight in those areas, meaning that if an event were to happen in those areas, or indeed a route pass through one of those areas then the event would be cancelled with little or no notice.

Whilst we are in this situation, it has become impossible to organise an event with confidence in what we are doing, constantly checking emails and waiting for phone calls from local event safety advisory groups shutting us down at the eleventh hour.

After running a sportive yesterday and being fully covid safety compliant, I am confident that our team can produce an event that everyone else feels equally reassured whilst doing. With this knowledge and experience now, when the situation eases we will be ready to come back rapidly with a safe solution. It’s the external factors we cannot control and need to wait until we can see a clear path and concentrate on putting the best series of events in 2021.

I sincerely have appreciated everyones support so far this year, in trying to achieve what felt like the impossible and without that I wouldn’t of been trying so hard to make it happen. As always Sportive HQ remains a collaboration between participants and organisers in making our events what they have become.

If  you can continue to support us then you need to do nothing, all entries will be carried forward to the 2021 edition and we really would appreciate it. If you do need a refund for your entry fee, it will be 100%, anything less would be wrong, you will need to login to RiderHQ and use the actions button to cancel your place within the next 14 days (August 25th). The refund option will be available from 9am 11th August so please do not attempt to do it until then.

Stay safe folks, keep riding, keep the faith


Cycle sportive events for all abilities.
Sportive HQ’s cycling events have been rated by our riders as some of the best events in the UK, riders that ‘know’ our events understand why they sell out so quick, so don’t miss out!
All of our events are designed with the rider experience at the heart, we work alongside local clubs to produce events that riders will want to do every year. We listen to what riders want from an event and endeavour to meet those requests.

At Sportive HQ we like to keep things simple for our events; with ample free parking, showers, changing rooms, a timed event with well-spaced, well stocked feed stations and routes to challenge everyone of all abilities.
With a choice of three distances on all of our routes, there really is something for every rider out there. The shorter routes are a great taster for anyone new to cycling, and you won’t have to worry about directions as our routes are heavily signed so you can just enjoy the ride, we love getting people riding bikes.

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