Well bit of an odd month December, I’m sure everyone feels it, there’s loads to do, parties to go to and just never enough time, so training suffers. That’s not always a bad thing, as long as you approach that properly. Giving myself time to rest and recover between training sessions is essential and December has shown me that in relation to the Type 1. At this stage early into it, your requirements can change for insulin quite rapidly and that has been the case for me over the last 3 weeks.

Having certain types of insulin in your body when you train makes it difficult to stay stable and keep your blood sugars stable and whilst my levels were changing it was safer to ease off on the training until I have adapted to the most recent alterations.

So whilst I haven’t been training much this month, plans are all still set to get going again in the New Year and working towards the Flat 200 and Ventoux Raid.

Stay healthy folks, listen to your body and rest when you need to.

Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year


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