Now we are going into December a few thoughts about what you could consider as you look towards 2020.


December is a tricky month with all the temptations and activities that take place. You should still be working on your base and look at how you progress this by extending your time on the bike by a short period each week


With all the Christmas festivities don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session, try and be consistent with training, over indulge if you want to as it is a time for celebration but try not to over indulge everyday.


If you can’t get out on the bike try something different. I always, without fail go for a run on Xmas morning before the fun begins. It is usually about 5km and it sets me up for the day of fun. You could do this a few times in December when time is pressing.


In summary, try and be consistent, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session and don’t try and catch this up. If you party hard then recover accordingly. Enjoy the time with your family as it is them who support your fun. Oh and don’t forget to ask Santa for some bike shaped gifts or event better an entry to an amazing SportiveHQ event or holiday

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