Sportive HQ has many years of experience in producing and assisting on many different kinds of event from one day cyclosportives, multi-day tours and corporate challenges so whatever your aim, we can help you with both expertise, equipment and vehicles.


We are renown for our expert signage, we can either supply the signage for your event or use what you supply to us.

If your event needs bespoke signage we can arrange for the production of that on your behalf. We have signed some of the biggest events in the UK over the past 10 years so you can rest assured that your participants won’t be going off course.

All of our signage work is carried out by experienced professionals using our fully marked up highways vehicles.

Risk Assessments

We can take your routes and fully risk asses them to a high standard and submit them to the relevant Event Safety Advisory Groups within your area. We can also supply the Safety Officer on the day to make sure your event is delivered to the highest of standards.
Sportive HQ has a range of vehicles adapted to event work to help assist in a professional manner, you made need large capacity ‘Rider Recovery’ vehicles or the right vehicle to set up your remote stations on your event. We have the right vehicles for the job.

9 Seat Bus with Bike Trailer

Our 9 Seat Ford Transit Tourneo Bus is kitted out for carrying a total of 8 passengers, with 2 bikes behind the passengers and a further 6 bikes on our bike trailer, making it ideal for rider recovery on sportive events or for trips and tours of up to 8 people, be that a single day point to point event or a multi day event covering many miles point to point.

Passengers travel in comfort in this air-conditioned vehicle whilst bikes are secure on the Pendle Bike Trailer.

Long Wheel Base Transit Crew Van

Our adapted long wheel base van has multiple uses. It has a series of floors within the back, the upper most one in three sections can be removed in a matter of minutes yet is sturdy enough to carry event equipment to where you need it.

With all floors in place, it can carry enough feed station equipment for up to 4 feed stations (if you need equipment feel free to ask) whilst also being able to carry up to 5 passengers to and from remote locations. Over the years we have found that riders often retire from events in remote places so with this vehicle on an event, a separate rider recovery vehicle doesn’t need to be despatched.

With the top floor removed the vehicle can carry 12 road bikes without the need for them to be boxed, under the bikes, all luggage can be carried. This configuration is ideal for longer distance trips where security of the bikes is paramount. On many trips we can collect riders bikes and luggage in advance of a trip and meet all participants in mainland Europe taking all of the hard work out of the journey for your participants. Having a tow bar means that this vehicle can also be coupled with the Pendle Bike trailer meaning that total capacity is increased to 18 road bikes.

Event Control Office and Start / Finish Gantry

Our unbranded Event Control Office can provide you with the perfect office anywhere you need one. It can be powered either by mains power or generator. Internally breaker circuits power laptops and out door equipment. One circuit supplies internal sockets and USB ports at desk height and the other circuit provides outdoor circuits for powering PA systems, chip timing and lighting where needed.
The steel gantry can be supplied unbranded, we can give you the dimensions to provide the centre banner. A steel gantry is a lot easier to use compared to an inflatable and doesn’t suffer with wind speed in the same way when anchored down properly with weights and guy ropes.

Chip Timing

Sportive HQ can provide an unbranded timing solution for your event, for sportive events, this can provide a simple solution to knowing that all of your participants are back safe and sound before you finish for the day, as well as adding a record for your participants as to how well they performed.
Our timing can be used for all types of events, running, duathlon and triathlon, all using disposable timing chips, making your life easy.