February Training


Hopefully you have built up an amazing base of fitness over the winter and now as we move into February some people will have already started racing or your first sportive challenge of the year is just around the corner.


As always consistency is key one or two sessions missed a week will all add up over a couple of months to 20 or so missed sessions so have your goal clear and what you are trying to achieve.


For your longer rides now try and get into some hillier terrain. If you can use the hills as natural intervals / strength building but don’t overdo it on these rides it is still about under pinning all the base work, you have done over winter. If you live in the flatlands consider doing similar work by increasing gear size.


If your goal is racing in things like Time Trials don’t wait till the first race of the season start introducing intervals now so you the first race of the year isn’t such a shock to the system.


If riding the road or sportives then make sure you are comfortable with group riding, if unsure then seek out a local club who will help with the etiquette of the road.


It is still only February so don’t overdo things now as the season for events is often March to September and there is no point in doing your best ride now and getting worse over the season.

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