January Training


Now we are going into January a few thoughts about what you could consider.


It is now 2020 so your events are just around the corner, or are they? In reality unless you have an early season event you could still be 4-7months away from your goal event. This is not the time to start smashing loads of super hard intervals out.


Hopefully you will have worked out what your limiters are, eg strength, aerobic capacity, sprint power and will have slowly started to introduce them to your overall training. The weather will still be very poor so ensure that if you do go out on the road that you plan accordingly. Ride on roads that are gritted, wear the appropriate clothing, do laps to add the distance up so you are never too far from home should you have a mechanical that can’t be fixed (or your hands are too cold to change a tube).


As I said at the beginning it is January and as my former coach used to tell me. Ride with your friends for 100hrs over winter in the small chainring (Dec, Jan, Feb). Then go and ride some hills (March, April) they are natural intervals. Start racing in May to get the rough off by July you will be flying!


Here at Cycloform and SportiveHQ we hope you have a fabulous festive season and I may see you out on the road sometime.


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