March Training


We have now hopefully seen the worst of the weather and spring is around the corner with the prospect of warmer weather and longer evenings.


Now that your base is established it is getting to that time to add some speed. Don’t go full gas in every session but a controlled amount of time and pace either as a standalone session or as part of a longer ride will stand you in good stead for the coming season of sportives and cycle events.


One of the classic high-end sessions are 5x5mins at VO2 max. This is a quality session that will make you work very very hard. Don’t just jump straight in, this about progression and adaption. Start with 1min hard and build that up over a number of weeks to the 5×5.


As your sessions get harder you need more recovery so don’t neglect sleep, eating well and remaining hydrated. If you have an event coming up, consider in the week or two weeks leading up to the event cutting back on volume by a third so you are fresh for the event.

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