What are they?

You often hear people say “I’ve lost my mojo” when it comes to cycling, what they generally mean is suffering with a lack of motivation, it happens to the best of us and the longer we stay off the bike the worse it gets through self doubt and other psychological barriers. The phrase ‘Just do it!’ springs to mind here.

Once we get out there and get back on with things we often find that we aren’t as bad as what our imaginings were. The thing is though if you have had a prolonged time off the bike, don’t expect to jump straight back in to the same distance and speed that you were doing before, you will have to start with a relatively short distance and build back up. This said once you start again, it will come back quite quickly, I promise.

I was forced to have a week off recently, I had to have a cortisone injection in my shoulder, I have a secondary frozen shoulder (one of those little side effects of type 1 diabetes). I wasn’t happy at being told to have seven days off all exercise as a result but I tend to do as I am told these days (it’s usually wise)

After 5 days of going stir crazy I saw an opportunity to ride a sportive (on a weekend I’m not busy which is unusual) on behalf of JDRF (the type 1 diabetes charity), after pondering this, I thought yes lets do this and put my name down for it. So not only entering an event but fundraising for a charity you have a connection with certainly is a motivator. Now that I am entered I have two things keeping me motivated – achieving the target and not letting the charity and my sponsors down.

So in short why not get an event entered and fundraise for a charity of your choice – it certainly helps with motivation and mojo.

If you want to have a look, and possibly sponsor me a £1 (every little helps) Sponsor Matt

Until next month – keep pedaling folks


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