With plenty of technology available it’s getting easier to manage Type 1 Diabetes and sport. My levels can’t always be predicted with so many factors affecting blood glucose on a daily basis, such as stress levels, outside temperature, effort on the bike so to actually predict what I need to eat or inject cycling would be difficult without. The technology that I am using sends me a blood glucose reading to my phone, which is mounted on my handlebars every 5 minutes so I can see the current trend and act accordingly without having to stop riding. We decided to put this to the test last week on a 35 mile road ride and it worked a treat. I was able to fuel when needed whilst carrying on riding and maintain a great level. Now that I am getting used to where the trends are going it will allow me to steadily increase the mileage back up and reach my goals for 2020.

If you have access to technology then your goals can be reached too. Some of the most important data a cyclist can use is heart rate and cadence (pedal revolutions), coupled with a proper training regime, the sky really is the limit. I still intend to attempt the triple accent of Mt Ventoux in our September trip.

Keep going folks, everything is achievable

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